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Creating a user

Explains how a system administrator creates a user and sets user properties in FotoWeb.

Follow the below steps to manually create a user in FotoWeb. If you would rather import users and groups from your existing active directory, you can learn more about that in the topic called Importing users from Active Directory.

Adding a user


To create a user, go to the Users tab in the FotoWeb site administration and click on Add user. A large dialog will appear and let you enter all information pertaining to the user.

Note: The Administrator user (user id 15001) is always in FotoWeb's list of users. This user's email address is used for administrative email notifications throughout the system.

Set basic user properties

General user properties

Now, fill in the user information on the General page. The fields Username, First name, Last name, Company and Email address are the required ones.


The type of authentication used depends on the authentication provider that is set for the FotoWeb site. Learn more about authentication providers.

Choose a licensing model

When creating user accounts in FotoWeb, you can assign a license type (Standard, Plus, Pro - learn more here) and a concurrency model, e.g. named or concurrent users. 

The product key delivered with FotoWeb will determine the number of available licenses available in each category, and the activation key determines the number of named and concurrent users on the entire server, e.g. across all sites on the server, if there's more than one.

Named user licenses are unique to each user. An example: With ten named user licenses, you can create a maximum of ten users on the FotoWeb site. If you create more, the FotoWeb log will display an error, and some of the users in the list will have trouble signing in, since they cannot be assigned a license. Hence, with named user licensing the FotoWeb user list cannot contain more than the system is licensed for.

With Concurrent user licensing, FotoWeb counts the number of simultaneously logged-in users and will only allow x number of active users on the system at any one time. However, you can create as many user accounts as you'd like on the FotoWeb server - FotoWeb will simply make sure that no more than the licensed number of users can log on to the system at the same time.

It's important to note that even with concurrent licensing, each user must have a unique user account, since each user account cannot have multiple active sessions.

Save the user

Click on OK to create the user and store it in the FotoWeb user database.

Importing users and groups from your Active Directory

If you're already using Active Directory to manage the groups in your organization, you will want to learn how to import users and groups from the AD rather than manually having to create each user account manually.