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Organizing users into Groups

Why it's good practice to organize users into groups, and how to do it.

What groups are for

Users can be arranged in groups to make it easier to control access to your archives and workflows. When importing users from an Active Directory you can also choose to mirror the group structure in FotoWeb.

The Everyone and Registered Users groups are system default groups and cannot be deleted or modified.

Each user in FotoWeb is a member of the Everyone and the Registered Users groups, except for the Guest user, who is not regarded as a registered user.

Creating a new group and adding users to it


To create a group, go to the Groups tab in the FotoWeb site administration screen and click on the Add group button. Then, on the General tab, enter a group name and description.

To add users to the group, go to the Members tab and click on the Add button. A new window will open and let you search for users or groups. Thus it is possible to add an existing group as a member inside a new group.

You can also remove users or groups from the group by selecting them in the list and clicking on the Remove button.

General FotoWeb group properties

Users can also be assigned to and/or removed from groups directly from the User Properties page, as seen in the below screenshot. Since every user is a member of the Everyone and Registered Users groups, they cannot be removed from these groups. When users are imported from an Active Directory structure, they are placed in the correct group automatically.


Tip: If you select several users in the user list and click on Edit users, you can use this page to add all the users to one or more groups in a single operation.

Importing a group from the Active Directory

If you already manage your users and groups in an Active Directory, you can import AD groups into your FotoWeb configuration. Before you can import the AD groups, you will need to enable Active Directory integration in FotoWeb.

Having done that, you can click on the Import group button. Type in part of the name of the group to search for, then select that group when it appears and click OK to add it to FotoWeb.

What the buttons in the group list do


The above buttons are listed next to each group. The first one lets you edit the properties of a group, for instance to add users to it. The red X lets you delete the group.

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