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Assigning administrative privileges to a group

Groups can be assigned administrative privileges to manage certain tasks on the site.

To set these permissions, open the FotoWeb site configuration in the Operations Center, go to the Groups tab and then click on the Edit button next to the group you would like to assign administrative privileges. The permissions are listed on the General page under Administrative permissions.

Permission Description
Change site appearance Allows users to modify archive poster frames and change site CSS and logos.
Approve pending signups

Makes users able to approve users who have signed up for an account so they may log in.

Manage webhooks

Allows users to display existing active webhooks, view executed webhook history, and to cancel any pending webhooks.

Learn about managing webhooks

Share bookmarks Allows sharing of bookmarks to all users of FotoWeb Pro.
Moderate comments

Allows users to edit and delete comments on the site, not just their own.

Learn more about commenting on assets (Separate article for FotoWeb Pro here)

Manage albums

Gives users ownership rights to all known albums.

Manage taxonomies

Allows users to modify taxonomies in an archive; adding, removing and changing the properties of taxonomy nodes.

Learn more about managing taxonomies.

Share export presets Allows users to share preset in the CMS export module so other users can utilize it.
Invite users Allows users to create invitations for external users to sign up for an account on the site.
Approve orders Allows users to approve or revoke orders placed via the shopping cart.
Share crop presets Allows members of the group to share presets they create when using Crop and Download or Crop in a workflow. They can also delete shared presets.


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