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FotoWeb authentication

How it works

With FotoWeb authentication, users and groups are created and managed in the FotoWeb site settings in the Operations Center. Single sign-on can be added, in which case the client computer will pass the logged-in user's name and password to FotoWeb using Integrated Windows Authentication, and if there's a match the user will be logged in immediately when accessing the FotoWeb site in the browser.

Setting it up

Choose FotoWeb as the authentication provider. To also enable Single Sign-on, also tick the Use Integrated Windows Authentication (Single Sign-On) option. With these options set, users who access the FotoWeb site will be able to choose between manually entering a username and password or clicking on the Log in with SSO button.

IMPORTANT: SSO with FotoWeb and Integrated Windows Authentication is only possible when running FotoWeb on IIS.
Do not attempt to enable SSO with this authentication method if FotoWeb runs on the Apache web server.

To enforce SSO as the only available option, choose Only allow login with Integrated Windows Authentication. Now, when users access FotoWeb, they will be immediately authenticated and logged in, and will never see the login screen.

Configuring user accounts for SSO

When using FotoWeb authentication, login with SSO requires a user in FotoWeb with a username that matches that of the logged-on Windows user. (See screenshot)

It's strongly recommended to set a password for the user using the Generate button, but the password does not have to match the Windows user's password (as this can change due to company password policies etc.)

FotoWeb Authentication and SSO - user details.png