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Modifying common properties for several users

See how you can quickly change common properties for a whole selection of users with minimal effort.

Modifying the properties of several users

If you have a large user base in FotoWeb and want to modify some common settings for all of them, you can do so by going to the Users tab in the FotoWeb site configuration and selecting seveal users in the list. (Ctrl-click and Shift-click can be used to select multiple users in the list.)

Now click on the Edit users button to set common properties for all the selected users.


The properties you are allowed to change are:

  • Enabling/disabling the users' possibility to change their own password
  • Group membership
  • Account lockout and expiry date
  • Granting / revoking site administrator privileges
  • Choice of license type and concurrency mode

Site administrator privileges can also be set at the group level to allow better control when managing a large number of users.

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