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Choosing where files are stored when copied, moved or uploaded to the archive

When users upload, copy or move files to an archive, they will by default be given the option to expand the folder structure in the archive and place the file where they prefer.

However, if you want to make sure files are stored in a specific folder, you can do so by specifying a folder in the archive properties and for example configure Color Factory to process the uploaded files and then sort and store them in the correct location.

Tip: This setting in the archive configuration is also honored by the API. This means that if you write an integration that uploads files to a certain FotoWeb archive with a predefined input folder set, that's where the uploaded file will be stored. This is an excellent way to control the precise workflow when uploading new content to the system.

To accomplish this, open the archive properties and go to the Export and Import tab

In the Copy/Move/Upload to archive section, choose Predefined and then set the folder you want the files to be stored in.

Now, when a user tries to upload, copy or move assets to this archive, the files will always be stored in the preset folder.

If you'd rather want users to be able to choose a folder themselves, choose User selection.

Tip: If you choose to preset the folder that assets are stored in as described above, you can in fact choose to store the files in a folder that's completely disconnected from the actual archive. By using e.g. FotoWare Color Factory or other processing software you can then create a workflow that applies processing to the ingested assets before they're stored in their final destination.