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Creating and configuring actions

Actions are used when you want to send a file to a destination such as a network share or a workflow process. The file doesn't have to physically move, though, as an action can also be used to execute a macro that simply changes the state of a metadata field and thus controls the workflow stage the file is at. This can be used to create metadata-driven workflows where there is a minimum of physical transfers of files taking place.

Essentially an action can perform any of the below operations or a combination of them:

  • Copying/moving of asset(s) to a destination share/folder
  • Metadata update on the original file in the archive, for example to track the usage of the asset
  • Metadata update on the file that is being transferred to another location, for example to update or remove metadata before a file is delivered to a requesting client.
  • Execution of a webhook referring to the asset(s) for integration purposes 
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