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Configuring how sessions are handled

Learn how to configure the session manager service and session timeout preferences.

This is configured under Site - Behavior - Session Manager in the FotoWeb site settings.

Session management

The session manager the user sessions that hold the information about the login, number of requests made, files selections, shopping carts etc.

FW Session manager configuration.png

Session Manager Service

Specify the server where you want to run the FotoWeb Session Manager here.

By default, all FotoWeb modules run on the same machine. In a load balanced environment however, all FotoWeb servers must be configured to use a single FotoWeb server as the common session manager. In that case, simply enter the host name of the FotoWeb server that should act as session handler.

Learn more about load balancing FotoWeb.

Session handling principles

  • When a user is logged in to FotoWeb, the session remains active permanently as long as at least one browser tab showing the FotoWeb interface is open.
  • If the user then closes the web browser, the session on the server remains active for 60 minutes before it is terminated. A session which has only been used for one request times out after 5 minutes. As long as the session exists, the user can usually go back to the FotoWeb interface in the same browser without having to log in again. However, this is not guaranteed, and FotoWeb may ask the user for credentials.

  • Each user can only have one session per FotoWeb site. If the user already has a session, any login attempts from another machine will fail if the user has open browser tabs showing the FotoWeb interface. If the user has not had any open browser tabs for at least 1 minute, then the user may log in again, replacing the existing session with a new one.​​
  • By logging out manually before leaving the workstation the user can log in from another computer.
  • If a user forgets to log out, but closes the browser, it will be possible to log in from another machine after one minute.

Note on mobile apps and integrations 

While the above rules apply to session handling in the web browser, the system does allow simultaneous use of mobile apps, embeddable widgets, FotoWeb Desktop and its plugins/extensions and access via the FotoWeb API.