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Configuring site logging

Choosing events and metadata to log

These settings are found under Settings - Behavior - Logging in the FotoWeb site configuration.

FotoWeb can log all activity that takes place on the site. These logs can be used to extract statistics of different sorts and/or monitor other activities.

Enable activity logging needs to be ticked to store activity logs in the database. Metadata records are always stored in the database, and you can control the fields to include in the logs by ticking the required fields in the list of available fields below.

Site activity and metadata logging

Events to log

Define the activity events to be included in the logs.

Metadata fields to include in Log

Use this area to define the metadata fields that should be included in the logs.

After adding one or more metadata fields for logging and saving the changes, these fields will not be immediately available in custom reports. To make new files show up in the reports users must first trigger a log event on a file or collection of files that contains a value in the metadata field(s) in question. Only then will the metadata field be visible when a custom report involving these fields/events is created.

Very important:
The Source, Byline and Object Name fields are used in the standard reports in the Reports module. Hence, logging of these fields is enabled by default. While it is technically possible to disable logging of these fields, we strongly advise against it since doing so will render the standard reports useless. For this reason, you should never switch off the Write IPTC to database option unless you have very specific reasons for doing so.

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