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Configure a notification when an asset is published or revoked


Using webhooks you can configure FotoWeb to send notifications to third-party systems when an image is published or revoked.

Open the FotoWeb site configuration in the Operations Center and go to the Settings tab. Click on the Firehose node in the side panel to display the settings related to notification of signups.

Different webhooks can be issued when an asset is published and revoked.

What data is transferred using webhooks? How can I test it?

The information that is delivered in the webhook can be sent as Form data or in JSON format by choosing from the Content type dropdown next to the url.

To see the actual data that FotoWeb delivers, you can use (external website), where you can very easily create a bin that has a unique URL. Add this URL to the webhook you are setting up in FotoWeb, perform a signup operation and refresh the page at to see the data that is sent.