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Setting up FotoWeb behind a load balancer

When configuring FotoWeb for a use in a high-load environment, several servers running FotoWeb can be utilized to spread the user load.

This article does not cover how to configure the load balancer itself, but discusses the requirements to get several FotoWeb servers to work in tandem behind the load balancer.

Session handling

FotoWeb has a session manager that keeps track of active, authenticated sessions. When running single FotoWeb instances, the session manager runs on the local FotoWeb server. However, in a load balanced environment, one FotoWeb server has to be assigned the role of session manager, while the other FotoWeb servers must be configured to retrieve and register sessions from the server set up as session manager, as described the session management topic.

A note about the sessions view in the Operations Center

The Operations Center always shows the sessions on the local FotoWeb server. Hence when accessing the Operations Center on a FotoWeb server other than the one that handles sessions, there will be no sessions listed, even though users may be logged on to the system. To get a correct view of the active sessions on the server, access the Operations Center on the FotoWeb server that is designated the session manager role.

Encryption secret

When load balancing several FotoWeb servers, they all need to use a common encryption secret. Learn how to set it and what the implications are if you decide to change it.