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Syntax for custom taxonomy queries

To create a custom search for a taxonomy node you need to use Search Expressions syntax.

By defining a custom search for a taxonomy item it is possible to expand or narrow the scope of the query to find-tune the results a user sees when selecting a taxonomy item. As an administrator you can use the syntax examples below to adjust a taxonomy query to behave precisely the way you would like it to.


Custom search query



Searches for london in field #90 only (City field)

5:politician 90:london 90:oslo

Searches for politician in Title field (#5) AND (london OR oslo) in City field (#90) - Note how a search for two different words in the same field combines those terms with an OR.

NOT 5:"" The double quotation marks signify "no content", so this search retrieves assets where field 5 is not empty.


When a user clicks a taxonomy node that has child nodes, the search will include narrower terms in the taxonomy if the node contains fewer than 25 child items.

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