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FotoWeb licensing for Audio and Video support

All versions of FotoWeb support basic audio and video transcoding and playback.

The below table outlines what basic video functionality is available, and what additional playback functionality can be had with the Audio/Video license and Plus/Pro user types.

Note: In the main FotoWeb user interface, video playback features are available from the Asset Details page. In FotoWeb Pro, some features area available right on the video thumbnails, while additional features are available in Filmstrip and Preview mode. (Keyboard shortcut F and P, respectively)

Basic features for all user types;
no additional Audio-Video license required

Advanced features for Plus and Pro users;
requires additional Audio-Video license

Video thumbnail in grid Key frames to skip to position in clip
Play/Pause Adjust playback speed
Fullscreen playback Reverse playback (incl. playback speed adjustment)
Skip to position (click on timeline) Move forward/backward 1 frame / 5 frames at a time
Repeat Adjust brightness and contrast
Volume adjustment Rotate
  Take snapshot (save still frame locally in PNG format)