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The FotoWare plugin for eZ Publishing

This topic explains how the FotoWeb plugin is called up from eZ Publishing to allow a user to place content that's stored in FotoWeb into the eZ Publishing CMS.

Defining the FotoWeb account to use for plugins

After installing the FotoWeb plugin in the eZ Publishing CMS you need to assign a FotoWeb user account to your eZ Publishing user. This controls the user crredentials that are passed to FotoWeb when a user calls up the FotoWeb Selection Widget from the CMS.

You need to be an eZ Publishing administrative user to assign a FotoWeb account to users. You do so on the user properties page in eZ Publishing, in the field labelled FotoWeb username. Each user in eZ with access to the FotoWeb Selection Widget needs to have this property set for the authentication to work correctly.


Inserting a picture on a page

Create an Article in eZ and name it according to the site requirements.

In the Image section click on the button labeled FotoWeb Image. This opens the FotoWeb Selection Widget to let you find a picture to use. When you've selected an image, the Export Widget lets you set additional properties of the placed image (crop, size and others, depending on how the administrator has configured the plugin). Finally, click on Publish to place the image in the article.

When you publish or preview the article, you'll notice that the picture has been placed according to the specifications in the article template.

By editing the article, you can use the eZ Image Editor to edit the embedded image, for instance to size or crop it or add effects.

Inserting a picture inline in the article body

To insert a picture at a specific place in the article body, use the Insert/edit image button on the toolbar in the Body section in the article view. Then use the FotoWare Selection Widget in the dialog that shows to select and insert a picture into the article body.

Adding a picture to the eZ Media Library before embedding it on a page

By adding an image object to the eZ Media Library you can insert a picture from FotoWeb and reuse it in several placed across your CMS.

Start by navigating to the eZ Media Library (top menu) and go to the Images sub folder. In the Sub Items section choose Create new - Image.

Name the image object and then, in the Image section click on FotoWeb image to call up the FotoWeb Selection Widget. Choose the file you want to insert and add whatever additional features you would like using the options in the Export Widget and choose Publish.

Finally, publish the image object using the Send for publishing button.

Now you can reuse this mage object anywhere on the eZ site.

To add it to a new article, click on the Insert/edit image button in the Body section of the article and go to the Browse tab in the eZ file selector. Choose the Media section, navigate into Images and choose the image object that you created.

When selecting the image object with the radio button you will be able to define additional settings according to how your administrator has configured eZ.

Finally, when you click OK the image object is inserted into the article.