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Documentation & User Guides | FotoWare

Installing the FotoWeb plugin in EZ Publishing

This plugin is created to work with both eZ Publish 4.x and eZ Publish 5.x. For 5.x the plugin can run as a legacy extension but can be used in both old stack and new stack templates.


The source code for the plugin is available as an open source project under the AGPL license (external link).

The repository can be found here: (external link)

Download the extension and place it in the extension/ folder (eZ Publish 4), or in ezpublish_legacy/extension/ (eZ Publish 5). Execute autoload script for eZ Publish: “php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php” while being placed in extension/ folder (eZ Publish 4), or in ezpublish_legacy/extension/ (eZ Publish 5).

Update database

Inside the extension folder we have a SQL file called fotoware.sql. Insert this into your database. The content of this file is below and can also be copy/pasted into the SQL console. The SQL code in the fotoware.sql file:

  `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `object_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `attribute_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `href` varchar(255) NOT NULL

ALTER TABLE `ezfotoware`
  ADD PRIMARY KEY (`object_id`,`attribute_id`),
  ADD KEY `id` (`id`) USING BTREE;

ALTER TABLE `ezfotoware`


If you want to enable Single Sign-On per user basis you need to add an attribute on the User class in eZ Publish (Tab “Setup” > “Classes” > Class groups “Users” > Edit class “User”). Add a “text line”new attribute. We recommend using the name “FotoWeb username” and identifier is “fotoweb_username”. The name of the identifier can be changed, but then the configuration file needs to be updated.



All users who want access to FotoWeb can then edit their own user object and insert their FotoWeb username. 

Structure of folder eZ Publish with the “ezfotoware” extension

Edit the file fotoware.ini.append.php and set FotoWare configuration

File path: <ezroot>/extension/ezfotoware/settings/fotoware.ini.append.php

The “[LoginSettings]”block has the SSO configuration

  • “Server” is link of the Fotoware server. Add the link “”.
  • “APIToken” is the token of API. Add the token “12345abcdef”.
  • “UserLogin” is the user of the Fotoware. Add the user “steinarm”.
  • “UserPassword” is the password of the Fotoware. Add the password “steinar123#m”.
  • “FotoWebEncryptionSecret” is the generated code by API. Add the code “vTAP4SckcFFRJvlCFIBjHVj9OE98Jp”.
  • “FotoWebUsernameAttribute” is the identifier of User class. Add the name “fotoweb_username”.

The “[setupSettings]” have the configuration of URLs of the Fotoweb Widgets

  • “UrlFotowareBasic” is the basic URL from Fotoware server. Add the URL “”.
  • “UrlWidgetSelection” is the path URL from Widget Select. Add the path “/fotoweb/widgets/selection”.
  • “UrlWidgetEdit” is the path URL from Widget Edit Image. Add the path “/fotoweb/widgets/publish?i=”.

eZ 4.7 - Template

For render the images in template:

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.image    image_class='articleimage'}

eZ 5.4 - Template

{{ ez_render_field( content, "image",
"template": "eZDemoBundle:fields:ezimage_simple.html.twig",
"parameters": {"alias": image_alias, "alt": content_name}

Expire Images – JSON Resquests

Send a "POST" request to link: http://<site domain>/fotoweb/action

The “POST“ request should have a variable called “json” with format below: E.g:

"action": "retract", 
    "objects": [ 
{ "href" : "/fotoweb/archives/5003-Stock%20Photo/Stock%20Photo/Extreme%20Sports/75%20CMYK/" }, 
{ "href" : "/fotoweb/archives/5003-Stock%20Photo/Stock%20Photo/Extreme%20Sports/75%20CMYK/" }
    "replaceto": ""

Description of the JSON: "action” -> action of the request. The value of action has to be “retract”. "objects" -> array of ID Fotoweb images that will be replaced. "href" -> ID of Fotoweb image. All images from “objects” parameter will be replaced by image in “replaceto” parameter. "replaceto"-> image URL.

The return of request is:

{"success":true,"href":"\/fotoweb\/archives\/5003-Stock%20Photo\/Stock%20Photo\/Extreme%20Sports\/75%20CMYK\/","imageold":"var\/ezdemo_site\/storage\/images\/media\/images\/dv617087.jpg2\/923-42-eng-GB\/dv617087.jpg.jpg”} ]