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Improving pictures with SmartColor

See how SmartColor can help improve the quality of your pictures automatically.

What is SmartColor?

SmartColor is a special "intelligent" filter that optimizes the quality of your pictures. It enhances color balance and contrast and improves natural colors to make your pictures better. Slightly underexposed pictures, for example, can be greatly improved using SmartColor. Though intelligent, SmartColor does not work magic on pictures that are really bad at the outset. However, most pictures that require a bit of touching up to add more flair to the colors and improved contrast, can benefit greatly from SmartColor Processing. Using Smartcolor you can preview the effect of the filter and override its settings manually or cancel the application of the filter altogether, so you won't risk ruining your pictures when using SmartColor.

Using SmartColor

Make a selection of files and click on the SmartColor button on the toolbar. The SmartColor window appears and splits the picture down the middle so you can compare the picture quality before and after SmartColor application:

You can now adjust the overall effect of the filter by dragging the Effect slider below the picture. You can also evaluate the effect of the filter by dragging the splitter in the middle of the picture to either side or use the right / left arrow keys on your keyboard to see the picture with and without SmartColor applied.

Opening the file in Photoshop

If Photoshop is installed on your system, you can open the file for editing in Photoshop by clicking that button.

Saving the optimized picture

Depending on whether you selected one or more files before opening the SmartColor function, the choices you get in the save dialog may vary:

Save and next: Saves the file with SmartColor applied, overwriting the original picture, then opens the next picture in your selection.

Save as and next: Lets you save an optimized copy of the picture - the original remains untouched. FotoStation then opens the next picture in your selection.

Save all: Applies the SmartColor filter to the entire selection of files using the effect level you've set using the slider. The originals will be overwritten.

Save all as: Same as Save All, but lets you choose a filename after which FotoStation will add running numbers to store copies of all the files. The original files remain untouched.

Cancelling the SmartColor function

Cancel and next: Aborts SmartColor application on the current picture and moves on to the next in the selection.

Cancel all: Cancels the entire SmartColor operation.


Important tip: The SmartColor filter can also be applied to a whole selection of pictures in a workflow that you automate using Actions!

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