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Reducing noise with the SmartClean filter


How to remove image noise using the SmartClean filter in FotoStation's image editor.

Using SmartClean to remove image noise

The SmartClean™ filter is used to remove color noise and luminance noise from images acquired from a scanner or a digital camera. Especially pictures captured in low light or fast action situations tend to contain noise, and the SmartClean filter can be used to automatically remove this kind of noise from your images. To clean the image, click on the SmartClean button on the toolbar in the image editor. For selective application of the SmartClean filter, use the lasso tool to make a selection before you start the SmartClean module. FotoStation will analyze the image or the selection you have made and try to determine the optimum levels of color noise and luminance noise reduction.

The SmartClean dialog lets you choose between four preset modes of application of the filter: Use the dropdown to choose between Digital camera image or Scanned image and set either Normal or Strong application of the noise reduction filter. To manually adjust the Luminance noise and Color noise levels use the sliders or enter a value in the corresponding fields. Increasing the Luminance noise level value will soften the image, and can be used even on images with little noise as a virtual soft filter. Generally, the filter determines the best balance between noise reduction and preservation of image detail, so there is relatively little need for manual adjustment of the values. To switch between the original image and the one with the filter applied, select or uncheck the Show original image checkbox. The same can be accomplished by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Space, pressing and releasing the Space key to switch between the original and the modified version of the image.

Invert the current selection

If you have made one or more selections using the lasso tool, the selection can be inverted by choosing Invert selection. The SmartClean filter will the be applied to the area(s) outside the original selection(s)

Advanced parameters

By choosing Show advanced parameters you can make manual adjustment to Luminance reduction level, Luminance low frequency, Color low frequency and Sharpening.

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