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HTTP upload sub action

The HTTP Upload sub action is used to upload files to a web server.


Upload Server URL: Choose between entering the path to a server (such as or the full URL to a script that takes care of how the files that are  uploaded should be handled (e.g. You don’t need to enter ‘http://’ in the URL field.

User Name and Password: Normally, the web server will require you to log on to upload files. To be able to log on to the server, enter a user name into the User name field and a password into the Password field. If you need more information regarding how to log on to the server, please contact the server’s administrator.

File Name Prefix: If desired, you can add a prefix to the file name of all the files you are uploading using this sub action. If you would like to perform more advanced renaming of the files (such as adding a running number to the uploaded files), use the Rename sub action prior to using the HTTP upload sub action. (See the Rename sub action topic to learn more.)

HTTP Upload to a FotoWeb Server

If you are going to upload to a FotoWeb server using the HTTP Upload sub action, this will be taken care of by FotoWeb. These are the settings that you have to enter:

Upload server URL: Enter URL to the domain’s root folder, e.g. Do NOT add a forward slash at the end of the host name.

User Name and Password: Enter a username and a password into the fields. The user must have certain privileges. He/she must have upload access in addition to a disk quota on the web server so that the files can be uploaded to the server.

If you don’t have a user account on the FotoWeb server, contact the FotoWeb server administrator. Note that FotoWeb stores the uploaded files in a folder specified by the server administrator.

For better control when uploading files to a FotoWeb server, consider using the FotoWeb Desktop upload tool instead. You can trigger it from a FotoStation action with the help of the "Launch application" sub action.
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