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SmartClean sub action

Use this sub action in your workflows to remove unwanted noise from digital camera pictures.



This sub action is used to automatically “clean up” a noisy image. When capturing images using a digital camera, you may encounter some amount of noise. The extent of noise will vary depending on camera settings and the amount of light available.

When removing noise, important image details may be blurred or removed altogether. Make sure that the noise level you end up using is the one that best suits your needs.

Using automatic noise levels

You can choose between four preset noise levels: Digital camera image or Scanned image according to how the image was acquired, and Strong or Normal according to how much noise you would like to remove from the image. Select one of these levels from the Mode dropdown list if this is how you would like the noise to be removed.

Manual Adjustment of Noise Levels

If you are not satisfied with the results using automatic values, you can manually adjust the Luminance noise level and Color noise level. These options are disabled by default, but if you select Manual levels from the Mode dropdown list, they are enabled and you can adjust them manually by clicking and dragging the sliders.

FotoStation will start the "cleaning process" by analyzing the image and calculating the noise level. You can choose not to remove noise from images that already have a low noise level by selecting the Do not process images with low noise level checkbox.

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