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Using actions without direct access to the high-res file

When FotoStation connects to a FotoWeb archive or another archive that uses the Archive Agent interface, and when it connects to an Index Manager archive where there is no access to the high-res over SMB (Windows Networking protocol) there are certain limitations to what you can do using FotoStation's Actions.

FotoStation connections to FotoWeb archives

When FotoStation connects to a FotoWeb archive or to another archive that uses the Archive Agent interface, or in the case where it connects to an Index Manager archive and there is no SMB access between the client and the file server, there are certain limitations when using actions. This is because FotoStation relies on working with files that it can access and modify; when no direct file access is available, FotoStation cannot modify the file without first downloading a local copy of it.

The examples below illustrate valid and invalid chains of subactions when working over such connections.


Valid chain:

Resize file

Save file - to new location

In this example, FotoStation will download the file (assuming you have download rights in the archive) and resize it, then save it in the folder you choose.


Invalid chain:

Resize file

Save file - overwrite original file

Because FotoStation cannot access the original location the file came from on the FotoWeb server, this chain is not valid. To correct it, change the Save file sub action to store the file somewhere locally or on the network that you have access to.


See below to learn how to build your action chains for these connections.

FotoStation connections to Index Manager archives without SMB access

With Index Manager, you can enable a setting on the server to allow clients to download the high-res over the FWP protocol if no SMB connection is available. This will allow clients to download and process the files using FotoStation actions.

As in the above case with FotoWeb connections, requesting the highres directly from Index Manager over FWP also has some limitations:

  • You may not open the file in Edit mode unless you first use an action to copy it to a locally accessible disk.

The solution

To process files in a FotoWeb archive or an Index Manager archive without SMB using a FotoStation action, the action chain has to start with one of these sub actions:


  • Resize image*
  • Copy File
  • Save File**
  • FTP Upload
  • HTTP Upload
  • Email Send
  • Print
  • Launch Application
  • Write CD/DVD


* When choosing to resize an image, you have to specify saving it at one point in the sequence, and you may not choose to overwrite the original.

** The Save File sub action is only valid if you do NOT choose to store the file back to its original location. You will have to store it on an available local or network volume before you can apply additional processing to the file.