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Cropping pictures by removing canvas

Color Factory can automatically crop all pictures in a workflow by removing their canvas. You can optionally add a new canvas to the pictures after cropping to normalize the size of the canvas on the pictures.

Detecting and removing the existing canvas

Where: Channel | Image Size | Automatic Crop tab


Use this function to remove an existing canvas from all the pictures in the channel.

Start by choosing Crop image with automatic canvas removal and choose the color of the canvas - it can be white, black or transparent. To compensate for noise in the canvas color you can set a Color tolerance level. For example, by choosing canvas color White and setting the color tolerance to 2 levels, a white value of 253 (not a full 255) will still qualify as white.

Applying a new canvas after cropping away the old one

Having removed the old canvas, you can apply a new one with a normalized size so all the pictures in the channel come out with the same size canvas:

Choose After crop, expand canvas size with... and choose a percentage of the width/height/longest side or set a fixed size in pixels.

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