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Extracting metadata that can later be reapplied to assets

Learn how to extract metadata from assets in a workflow in such a way that the field identifiers are also stored in the text file. This allows you to "reverse" the process and apply metadata to assets using the text files as metadata templates in a separate channel. 


Normally when you extract metadata to text files in Color Factory, you simply add a field number in the text extraction template (e.g. #120) to extract the content of that field and store it in the text file. However, the text file does not include the original field number from which it came, so you cannot reverse the process and use the text template as the basis for an operation that applies that metadata to assets again.

The trick is getting Color Factory to add the field number to the text file it creates when extracting metadata from the files. To accomplish this, you have to "trick" the parser Color Factory uses.

The below example illustrates how you can create a text extraction template that stores the assets' metadata from field 120 and prefixes it with #120 to allow another channel to reapply the metadata using text import at a later stage:

Example syntax


Where EEE is an (any) empty field that does not contain any text.

NNN is the new field number you want to see in the extracted text.

FFF is the field number that you are extracting the text from in the current image.




This will put “#120This is the caption” in the text file when the caption field contains “This is the caption”.

122 was choosen as the empty field here. In practise it could be any empty field.

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