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Defining an Index Manager search as input

Setting up Index Manager archive searches

To create a new input source based on an Index Manager archive search, click on the Index Manager server you have created and click on the green Plus icon to create a new search. When you do this, Connect will retrieve the available archives from the Index Manager server automatically. This gives you the following options:

General properties

Name: Type a name for the Index Manager search here.

Description: A more thorough description for the archive search can be entered here.

Type: An Index Manager archive search can only be used as an input, so you cannot change this setting.

Index: The drop-down list here will let you choose which archive the search should be performed in. The list is extracted from the Index Manager server after the connection has been verified with the account information that you specified in the server connection setup.

Search: Choose a field to search in from the drop-down list and then specify the value to search for.

Delete filter: Lets you specify files to delete from the input to avoid transferring them. This can be used to remove unwanted files from your workflow or to avoid transferring accompanying files that your system doesn't use. Several file types can be defined and separated with a space, thus: *.txt *.tmp

For example, in the above screenshot, files with reuters in the credit field will be transferred. However, tif files that match the search criteron will be deleted from the archive and not transferred.

Search Options

Processed file handling: Here you can choose how to handle the files that Index Manager has delivered to Connect.

Leave untouched means that nothing is done to the files. However, Connect's internal logic will avoid that files are processed twice unless they have been modified in the meantime.

Delete files after processing implies that the originals will be removed from the Index Manager archive after a copy has been sent to Connect.

Note: If the file cannot be deleted for some reason, the search field will be populated with the value 'marked_for_deletion'. This will also be output as an error in the logs. This way, the file will not be transferred multiple times, and a system admin can search for the marked_for_deletion tag to remove the files manually at an opportune time.

Update metadata in search file makes it possible to replace the content in the search field used for retrieving the file so that the same file is not processed twice. When using this option, enter the new content to be added in the Value field below.

Enable virus scanning: Enable this option to automatically check all incoming files for viruses. Infected files can be deleted, quarantined or ignored and logged. The actual virus scanner settings are configured on the Service Options tab.

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