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Practical application of FotoWare in the Healthcare Sector

Photography is widely used in clinical documentation, research, publication and education. Every year, the healthcare sector produces hundreds of thousands of clinical photographs that assist specialists in making the right calls for their patients. The volume of data that builds up over time warrants a system to efficiently manage and catalog these images.

Which challenges does FotoWare solve in Healthcare?

While the advent of digital photography has led to more widespread use of clinical photography, the routines for archiving pictures and linking them to patient records have often remained largely analog; if anything, many digital photographs were often printed and enclosed in files alongside paper notes, with few controls in place to prevent unauthorized access, copying and distribution.

To this end, FotoWare is a modern approach to clinical photography. It enables strict governance procedures that comply with data protection regulations and the GDPR. Clinical photography is archived and linked to electronic patient records, with access limited to the point of care and a full activity audit trail. FotoWare eliminates the half-baked approach that still exists is some health organizations, where digital clinical photography is printed, re-scanned and attached to electronic patient records.

Instead, FotoWare can used as a central hub for clinical photography, enforcing workflows that ensure the necessary metadata is added to the photography at the time of ingestion and linking it with the electronic patient record system, making the photos available only on a need-to-know basis and minimizing the risk of data breach, which is obviously a major concern in the health industry.

FotoWare ensures full auditable control of clinical photographs through the configuration of several different control mechanisms. These can be based on the sensitivity of the images, the medical specialty caring for the patient, the consent the patient has given regarding the use of the images and so on. By implementing this base layer of security, the configuration ensures that images are viewed purely on a need to know basis and processed in accordance with the patient's permission.

FotoWare also supports ingestion of imagery from a variety of sources, enabling integration with mobile apps to allow remote staff to have the same resources available as inhouse staff.

FotoWare has a worldwide network of partners, some of which specialize in the field of medical photography and know many of the challenges healthcare workers are faced with and how best to address those issues. Get in touch with us at info(at) and let's talk.