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What's new in FotoStation 8.0

Here's a quick overview of what's new in FotoStation 8.0 compared to FotoStation 7.0

New functionality

Click on the titles to read more about each new feature.

RAW+JPEG bundle view

For managing collections from digital cameras.

Selection Carousel

To more easily separate the wheat from the chaff, for instance when skimming through the shots from your digital camera.


Use code replacements to quickly add metadata to your pictures.

"Add metadata" action

Lets you create workflows that require metadata input using a preset metadata editor.

Metadata Stamp tool

To let you quickly apply metadata to a selection of files using a macro or a template.

Quick selection of a metadata editor

Click the little arrow on the Metadata button in the toolbar to choose your preferred metadata editor layout.

Quickly editing a metadata layout

Open a metadata editor and press Ctrl-E to change its layout choose which fields to include.

New tools to rate, set status and classify assets

And new keyboard shortcuts to apply these.

New filters for rating, status, and classification

Also with new keyboard shortcuts.

Improvements to the FWP protocol

Very practical improvements when FotoStation is connected to Index Manager archives.