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Adding assets to an existing offline resource

How to add more assets to an existing offline resource.

Adding Files to Existing Offline Resources

By adding new files to an existing offline resource, these files will be added to the same subfolder as the existing offline resources. Only new files that are not already part of the offline resource will be added to the resource. Note that the offline resource properties  (such as path to the offline storage and where the physical offline resource can be found) will be the same for all files in an offline resource. Hence, you should be careful when adding files to an existing offline resource if the files are located on different removable disks, since this may make it difficult to retrieve the correct media when FotoStation requests the files. In other words, if you need to distinguish between different offline resources you should not use the Add files option, but rather create a new offline resource using the New option.

Each separate offline resource has its own properties and will appear as a separate folder in the folder tree. If subfolder browsing has been enabled for the archive in FotoStation, you can expand the folder tree and browse each individual offline resource in the archive.

Adding New Files

To add new files, click on the offline resource you would like to add the new files to. (Make sure that you first select the correct archive from the dropdown list.) Then click on the Add files button. The Update offline resource window will open. Note that the title and path fields are disabled and can’t be edited. (If you would like to edit these fields, you will have to create a new offline resource.)

Edit the available properties as described above. Note that any changes to the settings in the Offline information part of the window will apply to the entire offline resource. When you are done, click on the OK button to start updating the offline resource.