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Using Quicklists to add predefined metadata

Learn how you can add metadata faster using predefined content in QuickLists.

What are Quicklists?

In addition to using templates and macros, you can create and use lists to insert pre-defined metadata in one or more metadata fields. As a generic term, we call these lists “Quicklists”, and the buttons used to access these lists are called “Quicklist buttons”. By using Quicklists it is easy to add pre-defined text to one or more metadata fields. While some Quicklists are provided when installing FotoStation, it is also easy to create your own lists by clicking on the + button next to the metadata field.

Quicklists can be divided into the following different types:

  1. Simple Quicklists: Single lists that open as dropdown lists when you click on the Quicklist button.
  2. Thesaurus Quicklists: Lists that opens in a separate window when you click on the Quicklist button. A thesaurus Quicklist can be attached to a single metadata field, or it can link several metadata fields together so that when you select a word from the Quicklist, you insert text into several metadata fields.
  3. Date lists: Lists where you can select a date from a calendar view (such as for the Created Date field).

Quicklists are accessed by clicking on one of the three Quicklist buttons in the metadata editor: the Dropdown button, the Thesaurus button and the Edit button.


Note that if all Quicklist buttons are disabled or missing for a field, it is because the settings in the current metadata editor disable these buttons for the field in question.

The dropdown button is used if the field has a simple Quicklist (as shown in the next screenshot) and for fields that have a date list, while the thesaurus button is used if the field has a thesaurus Quicklist. Note that repeatable fields (such as Keywords and Supplemental Category) can have both a simple Quicklist and a thesaurus Quicklist.

In the default FotoStation configuration, there are only three repeatable metadata fields: Byline, Keywords and Supplemental Category. While it is possible (by using XMP) to create your own repeatable fields, this topic will assume that there are only three repeatable metadata fields available. For all other fields, if both lists exist, only the thesaurus Quicklist will be available in the metadata editor.