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Adding metadata using a thesaurus quicklist


Outlines how thesaurus quicklists are used to add metadata to files.

What is a thesaurus quicklist?

A thesaurus quicklist will appear in a separate window when you click on the Quicklist button located on the right-hand side of the desired metadata field. There are two types of thesaurus Quicklists. A thesaurus Quicklist can be attached to a single field, or it can be attached to several fields and link these fields together. Both types of Quicklists will normally contain words organized in a hierarchy. How text found in the thesaurus Quicklist window is shown and inserted into the metadata field is defined in the Quicklist file.

The repeatable fields Keywords and Supplemental Category have a Quicklist window with more functionality than other metadata fields.

Adding metadata from a thesaurus

The thesaurus Quicklist window will open when you click on the thesaurus quicklist button. Double-click on the word that you would like to insert into the chosen metadata field. If you don’t see the word you want to insert (this might happen if the list is very long and has several hierarchy levels), you can search for it in the Search for field. Enter the text you would like to search for and press the Enter key or on the Go button. (On the Mac, the search will be performed as you type.) If the text you searched for exists in the keyword tree, the tree will expand and the search word will be highlighted.

Note that text entered into the search field will only locate words that start with the search text entered.

You can browse manually through the keywords in the Quicklist by clicking on the + and - buttons to expand and collapse the tree view. Double-click on the text that you would like to enter in the field, then click on the OK button in the Quicklist window before you click on the OK button in the metadata editor window to save the changes.