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Adding metadata to repeatable fields using Thesaurus quicklists


Explains how you can add metadata to fields that allow multiple entries, such as Keywords, using a Thesaurus quicklist.

Adding metadata to a repeatable field

To access the thesaurus Quicklist for one of the repeatable metadata fields (Keywords, Supplemental Category or Byline), click on the button next to the metadata field. Please note that this button is disabled if the field has no thesaurus Quicklist. (On the Mac, the button simply is not visible if the field doesn’t have a thesaurus Quicklist.) To create a Thesaurus rather than use the default, single-level quicklist, press Ctrl and click on the + icon. Your default plain text editor will open and you can choose to create the thesaurus file if it has not already been made.

The Quicklist window will open. Click on the Large dialog >> button to open the large version of the window. (On the Mac, click on the button on the right-hand side of the search field to switch between the small and large dialog.)

The current content of the metadata field will be shown in a separate window. Add words from the keyword tree on the left-hand side of the dialog by locating the desired word in the tree overview and then clicking on the >>  button shown between the keyword tree and the content overview.

Search for a keyword by entering it into the Search for field. Note that text entered into the search field will only locate words that start with the search text entered. In the example above, entering the word “air” and then activating the search will first highlight the parent word “Air”. If you activate the search once more (click on the Go button or press the Enter key), the word “Airplane” will be highlighted. If you insert the word “plane” into the field, however, the word “Airplane” will not be highlighted since it doesn’t start with “plane”.

Copy all items from root to selection: If this checkbox is selected, adding a word from the tree view will also add any parent word. Adding the word “Parachute” from the example window above also adds the word “Air” and the word “Outdoor activity” as separate entries into the content overview.

Concatenate to one string: If this checkbox is selected, every parent word from the root word and down to the word you selected, will be added to the content. The words will be concatenated into one string. Selecting this checkbox and double-clicking on the word “Parachute” from the example window shown earlier will create the entry “Outdoor activity Air Parachute” in the overview, i.e. all words are added into one entry, only separated by a space.

Notice that this checkbox is disabled if Copy all items from root to selection is not selected.

Clear all: Click on this button to remove all entries from the content overview.

Simple dialog: This button will be visible if you are viewing the large version of this window. Click on this button if you would like to view a smaller and simpler version of the window.

Large dialog: This button will be visible if you are viewing the simple version of this window. Click on this button if you would like to view a larger version of the window.

The sort button: If you would like to sort the words in the right column, click on this button when you are done adding words. If you would like the words sorted in the opposite order, click on the button once more. Please notice that sorting is only a tool to help you when you are working with repeatable fields. The sort order you choose won’t in any way be visible outside the metadata editor.

The delete button: To delete an entry in the content, select the entry on the right-hand side of the window by clicking on it. Then click on the Delete button, or press the Delete key on the keyboard. If you want to delete more than one entry, simply select several entries before you click on the Delete key or the Delete button. (Mark several entries by holding down the Ctrl key (Command key on the Mac) while clicking on the entries.) All entries in the right column can be deleted by clicking on the Clear all button.

When you are done, click on the OK button to close the keyword tree window. Notice that you must also click on the OK button in the metadata editor to save the content.