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Apply metadata macro / template sub action

Use this sub action to apply a template or macro to update the metadata on a number of files.


This sub action is used to change the metadata for one or more files. Choose if you would like to use a text macro to insert the text (select the Use a text macro radio button), or if you would like to use a text template (select the Use a text template radio button). Select the macro or template from the dropdown list found underneath the radio button.

Adding a macro or a template using actions

Note the difference between a text macro and a text template. A text template is static in the sense that its content is added to empty fields, and that fields containing text are overwritten. Text macros however, can be customized to add text in almost any way you like. Using a macro you can for example overwrite the contents of certain fields, append text to other fields, and clear yet other fields in a single operation.

If you can’t find a macro or template that suits your needs, you can create one from the button shown in the screenshot above. (This button is available in Windows only. On the Mac you have to create templates and macros from within the text editor. Start by selecting the radio button for either a text macro or a text template. Then, click on the Create new macro/template button, and create a text macro (or text template). After the new macro or template has been created, select it from the dropdown list.

Open the Text Editor (Windows Only): If you would like to open the text editor after the macro/template has been applied (either to simply view what was done to the metadata or to make more changes), select the Always open the text editor checkbox, and then select the appropriate text editor from the dropdown list.

Saving the File

This sub action is a file operating sub action. If you perform this sub action immediately after an image processing sub action, you must end the sequence with a save sub action.