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E-mail send sub action

Use this sub action to send the selected files in an email to a recipient.


The E-mail send sub action makes it possible to e-mail files by setting up a connection to an SMTP server. The files will be included as attachments to the e-mail message, and you have the possibility to enter a custom message in the e-mail body text.

E-mail Options

Please contact you system administrator if you are uncertain about any of the following settings:

SMTP Server: Enter the name or IP address to the outgoing mail server.

Note that in FotoStation for Mac you must first configure e-mail delivery in the system default e-mail client application, for example Apple Mail. Please consult your e-mail client’s documentation for more information on how to do this. This implies that on the Mac delivery is not limited to SMTP. By configuring your client to connect to for example an Exchange server, FotoStation can use Exchange for e-mail delivery.

Sender Address: Enter the email address that should appear in the From field in the e-mail. If you do not want to receive replies to this address, we advise you to include information about this in the Subject field or message body.

Sender Name: Enter the name that should appear in the From field in the e-mail.

Recipient Address: Enter the e-mail address you want to send the e-mail to in this field. Note that FotoStation will not notify you if the e-mail address is invalid, so you should make sure the address is correctly entered.

Subject: Add a subject for the e-mail in this field.

Body: This is the e-mail’s message body. Enter any additional information here.

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