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E-mail send sub action

The E-mail send sub action makes it possible to e-mail files by setting up a connection to an SMTP server. The files will be included as attachments to the e-mail message, and you have the possibility to enter a custom message in the e-mail body text.

Note: The smtp implementation described below is currently only released in FotoStation for Windows - 
the Mac version will follow suit, but currently runs an older implementation with slightly different options.

E-mail Options

Please contact you system administrator if you are uncertain about any of the following settings:

SMTP Server: Enter the name or IP address to the outgoing mail server.

Port: Enter the port number used to connect to the smtp server. Default settings are port 25 for unencrypted connections and 465 for connections using SSL.

Sender information and password: Enter the sender's name and email address. These will be added to the email header. The sender's email address will also be used as the username to authenticate with the smtp server in combination with the password.

Note: When using Gmail's smtp server you will need to enable two factor authentication on the account and create a separate application password on the Google account dashboard. (See Google's documentation for help on this.)

Recipient name and email address: Enter the e-mail address you want to send the e-mail to in this field. 

Subject: Add a subject for the e-mail in this field.

Body: This is the e-mail’s message body. Enter any additional information here.

Allow multiple files per email - Tick this option to allow FotoStation to send several files per email rather than a separate mail per file. You can them limit the maximum size of each email in MB to comply with the smtp server's limits.

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