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Choosing where files are stored when copied, moved or uploaded to the archive

When configuring an archive the manager can control where assets are stored when files are copied, moved or uploaded to an archive. 

Tip: This setting in the archive configuration is also honored by the API. This means that if you write an integration that uploads files to a certain FotoWeb archive with a predefined input folder set, that's where the uploaded file will be stored. This is an excellent way to control the precise workflow when uploading new content to the system.

There are two alternatives in the archive settings, on the Export and Import tab, in the Copy / Move / Upload to archive section:

FotoWare SaaS archive ingestion settings.png

If Default is chosen, assets are placed in the root of the archive. The user is not given a further choice through the user interface.

If User selection is chosen, users must choose both a destination archive and a subfolder inside that archive when uploading assets. They can also create new sub folders as required.