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Adding annotations to assets

Annotations can be used to highlight an area in an asset preview and add a comment to it. For example, it can be used to highlight a particular detail of interest in a picture. Once an annotation has been made, anyone who previews the asset will be able to see the annotation(s) on the Details page and add additional comments to annotations made on the asset.

Adding an annotation

To add an annotation to an asset, first click on it in the grid to open the Asset Details page.

Click on the Action button in the top right corner and choose you tool for highlighting an area. You can create a rectangle, an ellipse, a pin or a polygon to highlight the area of interest.

Mark the area you wish to highlight in the asset preview and a box will show to allow you to enter a comment. When the comment is stored, there will be a box surrounding the area you selected with a tab that can be clicked to open the annotations window and allow others to comment on your annotation.

Choosing annotation color and icon

When the annotation menu is open, click on Edit to set the annotation color and choose another icon.

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