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Controlling the behavior of taxonomy items

When new entries are created in a taxonomy these are given some standard properties. These can be changed to provide greater control of how users can navigate the archives.

Changing taxonomy item properties

Navigate to the item you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon to modify its settings.

Car collection - edit node properties 2


This is the label that the user sees in the taxonomy tree when navigating.


 You can enter a short description here to explain the use of the item.

Custom search

Allows you to define a completely custom search when a user clicks the node. The Query property has to be set on the taxonomy item to enable querying when a user clicks the node. More details can be found in the Query paragraph below.

You can also learn how to create custom queries for taxonomy nodes.

Access list properties


The Navigate permission needs to be enabled to make the node visible to users in the taxonomy - otherwise it will not be shown.

Toggling the Navigate setting can be useful in some cases:

  • You can enable only Navigate on a node (and leave Query and Set unticked) to allow users to click a node and expand the hierarchy where they may find entries at a deeper level that allow execution of a query to apply filtering in the archive.
  • You can disable Navigate if the node in question should only be used to Set metadata in an editor. Hence, the taxonomy may contain a combination of navigation items and items used solely for the purpose of tagging assets using the metadata editor.

By enabling Query, you enable users to execute a query when clicking on the node. By default when a query is executed it searches for the taxonomy label in the context of the field for which the taxonomy has been enabled. For example, if a taxonomy is connected to Field 15, Category, enabling the Query property will allow users to search for the exact string entered in the Label field within field 15.

However, it is possible to override the default query using a custom search. The below example explains how to enable  custom search where a user clicks the label Sports and executes a query for SPO in the field:

First off, enter Sports as the label. Next, make sure the Query property is enabled and enter 15:SPO in the Custom search field. This will isolate the custom search to field 15, Category.

Note: If you only type SPO in the Custom search, omitting the field specifier, the custom query is executed across all fields in the field definition.

Tip: Compare the custom queries with and without the field specifier by looking at the Index Manager search log when executing the queries.

Learn how to make custom queries for taxonomy nodes.


When you enable the Set permission users will be able to choose the Label value in various metadata fields throughout the interface, for example when picking content from a quicklist associated with the metadata field. This allows you to create predefined content that users can choose when editing metadata and when picking metadata values when processing files in an action, among other things.

It is possible to create a taxonomy item that only has the Set permission, in which case it will not be used for archive navigation in the taxonomy but will still be available through quicklists in metadata panels and actions.

What's next

Next you may be interested to know how users can navigate archives using taxonomies. This differs slightly based on whether you use the main interface or the FotoWeb Pro interface.