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Consent Management Overview

Get an overview of the components that make up a Consent Workflow.


The handling of consent for the use of pictures and other media is central to many organizations and is often time-consuming.
By creating consent templates directly in FotoWare and obtaining the user consent electronically through our apps, it is possible to create a complete consent management workflow that integrates with your existing workflows.

Creating a Usage Consent Workflow

Creating a usage consent workflow in FotoWare involves three steps:

  1. Creating the consent form templates. These are the forms with the consent description that is presented to a model/data subject when obtaining their consent for use.
    A consent form typically contains a usage description, a number of categories of consent, and fields for information about the data subject - the person intended to sign the consent form.
  2. Obtaining consent for use via a web browser or the mobile app.
    A photographer can for example use the FotoWare mobile app to open the consent form and have data subjects sign directly on his device, or a link can be sent to allow the person to sign the form in a standard web browser.
  3. Managing consent
    Pending and submitted consent forms are available on a separate consent management page in your FotoWare, where extensive filtering makes it possible to quickly obtain the consent and review it when necessary.

Learn more:

To get started with your consent workflow, create a consent form template.

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