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Creating a consent form template

The consent form template is the foundation of the document that a data subject signs when giving their approval for use.

Enabling consent forms

Note: To create a consent form template the FotoWare user needs to be a member of a group that has been granted the Configure consent forms group permission. 
This allows the user to access the FotoWare site configuration (Tools menu - Site configuration) and find the Consent Forms node in the panel on the left-hand side.

Go to Consent Forms > General and activate Enable Consent Forms.

Consent forms - General settings.png

Link validity

Set the validity of the QR code and links to sign here. If a link to sign has expired, sending a reminder to sign will renew the link's lease.

Consent form template content

The Templates node is where you can create new consent form templates. Such templates typically include:

  • A piece of text explaining the general terms of use
  • One or more defined categories of use, of which one or more can be mandatory
  • Custom fields to collect information about the subjects when they fill in the form (name, email address, and any other information you choose to collect)

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions field is used to enter any standard usage terms. The contents of this field can be formatted using markdown.

Categories of consent

Here you add categories of use that can either be mandatory or optional. The categories you create here will be presented to the user who signs the form with the option to select the categories of use that (s)he agrees to.

Each category you create has a key field - this is a unique identifier that can be used programmatically when interacting with the consent forms through the FotoWare API.

Subject information

Here you can specify the information about the data subject (person) filling out the form. You can add several fields to allow the user to fill in e.g. first name, last name, email, phone number, and whichever other information is pertinent for the use of the assets. You can also set the data type and optionally add a regular expression to validate text input in the fields.


What's next?

Once the consent form template is created, you can obtain the actual consent from a subject, either by sending a link to sign or by having the subject sign the form on your mobile device.

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