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How FotoWare User Licenses and Groups work

FotoWare SaaS has three user license levels. When creating a user manually in the user management console, a license must be chosen for the user in question.

A default user license can also be assigned to groups - by doing so, user accounts that are imported from a directory into the group will have the selected license applied. It's possible to override the license that was assigned to a user through group membership by manually setting it on the user after import.

Groups are used to facilitate access control and special permissions, such as album permissions, access to the FotoWeb API, and administrative tasks. The three default groups that come with the FotoWare SaaS tenant can be used as a starting point for managing your users, as they are already configured for different user roles.

FotoWare User Licenses

These are the user licenses available with a FotoWare SaaS tenant:

Portal license

Users with a portal license are authenticated users with read-only rights - they may only search, find and retrieve content through the web interface, but may not alter the content in any way. The portal license should be assigned to Consumer type users.

Editor license

The Editor license is the license for regular users on the system. They have access to upload new content to archives, apply and edit metadata, organize content and run workflows. A FotoWare SaaS tenant comes with three default groups that further differentiate what different editor licensed users are allowed to do. By adding new users to these groups, either manually or through import from an external directory, you can use these groups to cotnrol access to archives and workflows in FotoWare. The Editor license should be assigned to Contributor and Editor type Users.

Pro license

The Pro license has all the features of the Editor license, but also includes access to the FotoWeb Pro user interface, which is especially useful for managing content on a large scale, performing batch operations and managing complex workflows. The Pro license should be assigned to Pro type Users.

FotoWare Groups

There are three default groups in FotoWare; FotoWare Editors, FotoWare Contributors and FotoWare Consumers.

  • The FotoWare Editors group has an Editor license
  • The FotoWare Contributors group has an Editor license
  • The FotoWare Consumers group has a Portal license

You can use these groups as the basis for your configuration, as they have certain group permissions set already. When importing users or groups from a directory, you can make the three default groups parents of the imported groups to facilitate access control to archives and workflows.

The below table details the group permissions set for the three default groups in FotoWare SaaS.  Additional groups can be created and customized to cater for portal users and Pro users.

Access to archives and workflows is configured by adding groups or individual users the resource's access list.

  FotoWare Editors group FotoWare Contributors group FotoWare Consumers group
Recommended user type Full Editors and Pro Users Editors limited to contributing new assets Portal Users with read access only
Group permissions      

Create album

Share album

Delegate download rights to users invited to albums

Create album Create album

API Access

InDesign Extension access

None None
Administrative permissions

Change site appearance

Approve user signups

Manage webhooks

Share bookmarks

Moderate comments

Manage albums

Manage taxonomies

Share export presets

Invite users

Approve orders

Manage users

None None