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Setting user account expiry

Learn how to set an expiry date for user accounts.

Choosing when a user account expires

If you need to set an expiry date for some user accounts, this can easily by done on a per-user basis, or you can set an expiry date for a selection of users.

You can find the account expiry setting by opening the properties of a user in the user management console: Log in to FotoWeb, open the Tools menu and choose Manage Users/Groups. Edit the permissions of a user to bring up the screen shown below.


User Management - User expiry date.png

Next to the Expires label (see the screenshot above), select Never to open a calendar. Choose the date when the account should expire. The user will be unable to log in after this date. The account will not be deleted from the system, so that you can manually unlock the account later.

Tip: To easily set an expiry date for more than one account, select them in the list of users and then choose the button labeled Set expiry date above the user list.