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Purchasing or upgrading a plan

The subscription dashboard makes it possible for users running a trial to choose a plan toward the end of the trial period, and for customers who have already chosen a plan to upgrade to a higher plan if they require additional features or storage.

To access the dashboard you first need to log on to the site with the user account that is set as the site owner. Then open the Tools menu (the wrench icon in the top right corner) and choose Manage subscription.

Your current plan will be shown, and if the site is in trial mode, the number of days remaining of the trial period will be listed. You can also find information about the number of users that have been created on the site and the amount of storage used:

SaaS Dashboard 1 - Current plan.png

Purchasing a plan or upgrading an existing plan

To purchase a plan if you're in trial mode, or to upgrade to a higher plan than you're currently on, click on the Purchase now button seen in the screenshot above. The available plans will be shown, including a list of features included in each plan to help you choose the one that's right for your organization.

Tip: An overview of available plans and what they include is found on the FotoWare website.

Clicking the Buy now button on one of the plans lets you enter additional details, choose payment type - credit card or invoice - and the billing period; per month or per year. Verify your wish to purchase the plan and activate it by clicking on the Buy now button.