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Playing back audio and video

How to play back video files in FotoWeb's main interface.

Playback and navigation

FotoWeb can transcode and play back audio and video files in your archives.

To play back a video you simply click on the file's thumbnail in the grid to go to the Details page. Click on the Play button in the preview to to start playback.

Playback controls

Note: Key frames navigation, playback speed controls and playback on thumbnails in FotoWeb Pro are only available with the optional audio / video module.

Play / Pause buttons - Start or pause playback

Stop button - Stops playback and resets the playback progress.

Repeat - Enabling repeat makes the video clip start playing back from start when it completes, looping playback.

Volume control - Controls the output volume. Use the system control panel to choose between different speakers on your computer.

Key frames - Key frames are automatically created during video encoding and are shown below the preview/playback area. Users can click on a key frame to jump to a certain point in the video. It's also possible to click on a certain point in the playback progress bar to jump to a specific point in the video.

Full screen - Toggle full screen mode. Playback controls will be shown below the video window.

Bandwidth requirements

Video playback requires a certain amount of bandwidth to be smooth. We recommend having no less than a 6 Mbit connection to allow smooth playback of all types of video files.

Which formats are supported?

There's a separate article about the formats supported by the video and audio module.

What if a video or audio file fails to transcode correctly?

In this case, it may be possible to successfully restart transcoding of the asset in question.

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