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FotoWare Mobile 2020 - Questions and Answers

Who is it for?

Q: Who can use the FotoWare mobile app?

A: All licensed FotoWare Main Users can log in and use the app with their site.


Q: Does the mobile app work with both FotoWare in the cloud and on premises?

A: Yes, the app is available for both SaaS and On-premises. If you have your FotoWare hosted on your own servers you need to choose 'custom domain' at login. Also note that for use with an on-prem FotoWeb, the minimum server version is FR16.


Q: Does using the app require a Plus license?

A: No, the Plus user is a legacy feature. To use FotoWare mobile you need FotoWare Main User licenses. All FotoWare Main users can log in and start using the app immediately.


Q: Our FotoWare sits behind a firewall, so only users on our network can access it. Is it possible then to access FotoWare via the app?

A: The app will have the same restrictions as your FotoWare setup. So if it can only be accessed on the internal network, the same will apply to FotoWare Mobile.

What does it do?

Q: What can I do with the app?

A: Core features:

  • Upload pictures, videos and other files types from your mobile device.
  • Tag assets with metadata for easy retrieval - either during upload or after
  • Share assets or larger collections with coworkers or external parties straight from your device
  • Search, find and preview assets
  • Download copies of assets to your mobile device in the size you require.


Q: When starting the app, it asks for a host name - what does that mean?

A: The host name is the name/address of your FotoWare site. For example, if your site name is <> you should type <COMPANYX> in the FotoWare domain field. If you have a custom domain, you should enter the full url in the field.


Q: Can you customize the size of pictures downloaded to the device?

A: Yes, you can create processing profiles and apply these when downloading - they are set in the site configuration.


Q: Is it possible to control the metadata that is shown in the app?

A: Yes, the metadata set is configured on the site and can be different for each archive.


Q: How does the app handle uploaded videos? Which formats are supported?

A: You can upload a range of different video formats - The FotoWare server will automatically transcode videos into a format suitable for viewing on the mobile device and other platforms.


Q: Can we create metadata presets for use when uploading files in the app?

A: Yes, for this you would use taxonomies (controlled vocabularies) to fill our content from prepopulated lists.


Q: Do uploaded videos need to be in a certain format to play in the app?

A: Videos are transcoded by the server after upload - as long as the server can transcode the uploaded files, it will also play back. Information about supported video formats can be found here:


Q: How does the app behave when there's not internet connection? Will processes be stored in a queue and resumed when there is a connection?

A: No, FotoWare Mobile requires a working internet connection to browse content on the server and to upload new files.


When can I have it?

Q: When will the mobile app be released?

A: The app has been released for Android and iOS and can be found in the Play Store and App Store, respectively.