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How to Create a Selection Widget Integration with the FotoWare API

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to create a selection widget integration with FotoWeb API.

The guide involves the following:

  1. Application Registration and Authorization
  2. Request new access tokens using refresh tokens
  3. Widget URL for FotoWeb API
  4. Using the Widget

First (1) follow the Web Application or API authorization guide to register the application and obtain request tokens.

After an access token has expired (2), the client has to request a new one to continue using the FotoWeb API. For integration of the widget with the FotoWeb API you will need the URL found in under Widget Integration (3). Lastly, follow the steps for using the Selection Widget and Export Widget (4).

Creating a Selection Widget Integration
Step by step procedure for setting up a Selection Widget integration using the FotoWare API
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