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Creating offline files for FotoStation (Legacy)

Options to allow Color Factory to create thumbnails and previews for FotoStation's indexed offline archives.

Legacy Note

This is a deprecated feature, meaning that while it can still be used, it is scheduled to be completely discontinued (End-Of-Life) in July 2021.

This functionality is available in Color Factory Enterprise only.

Where: Channel | Offline Image Creation

offline FS.PNG

On this tab you may configure Color Factory to create low-resolution offline copies of the images processed in the channel. For instance, the high-resolution file may be output to a tape-backup system after publishing, and an offline copy retained in an archive in the system.

First, choose between using a fixed title for the offline archive or to have Color Factory name each archive automatically. Then select the folder that contains the archive index that you want to add the offline resource to. All processed files will be stored hierarchically similarly to the hierarchical structure of the high-resolution output file.

Further, you may choose between storing only thumbnails or if previews should also be included for improved quality of detail. Next, you may choose whether the offline thumbnail should be read-only, and finally, you should enter additional information about the offline files in the Offline Information area of the tab.

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