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Enabling automatic geotagging of pictures

How to enable automatic place tagging using GPS coordinates or location information in pictures.

Automatic Geo tagging

Where: Channel | Metadata | General tab

CF Geotagging b774.png

If your input images contain GPS data, Color Factory can look up the coordinates and automatically fill in a picture's Country (#101) and City (#090) fields.

Similarly, for an input file that has the Country and City fields filled in, Color Factory can do a reverse lookup and fill in the GPS coordinates that correspond to the country and city specified in the metadata.

If an input file has both GPS data, Country, and City filled in, Color Factory does not alter the existing information.

The Preferred language setting controls which language is used for inserting city and country names in the metadata during the translation of GPS coordinates.

This functionality relies on a secure HTTP connection (port 443) to the FotoWare Cloud Service, specifically
You will also need to enter your valid agreement number in the Operations Center to enable geotagging of pictures.