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Enabling memory defragmentation in RAW workflows

When processing RAW files Color Factory's memory defragmentation can be useful to improve performance.

Memory defragmentation

Note: This functionality is only available in Color Factory Enterprise

Memory defragmentation can be valuable when processing large raw files that consume a lot of memory. However, if Color Factory is run in a virtual environment, this has some undesirable side effects: when memory defragmentation is enabled when you start Color Factory a large chunk of memory is allocated to it (possibly several gigabytes). On a regular server, this does not cause any harm - however, a virtual machine will grab all that memory from its host without releasing it again. As a result, a host running one or more Color Factory servers may funnel all its memory resources to Color Factory while other virtual machines on the host will suffer from a memory shortage.
We recommend disabling memory defragmentation when running Color Factory in virtual environments.


  1. In Color Factory Settings, select Global Options in the console tree and open the Process Environment tab.
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