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Enabling memory defragmentation in RAW workflows

When processing RAW files Color Factory's memory defragmentation can be useful to improve performance.

Memory defragmentation

Where: Color Factory 7.0 | Process Environment tab

Note: This functionality is only available in Color Factory Enterprise

Memory defragmentation can be valuable when dealing with processing of large raw files that consumes a lot of memory. However, if Color Factory is run in a virtual environment, this has some undesirable side effects: When starting up with memory defragmentation enabled, Color Factory will allocate a large chunk or memory before releasing it again (there could be talk of several gigabytes). On a regular server, this does not cause any harm - however, a virtual machine will grab all that memory from its host without releasing it again. Thus, a host running one or more Color Factory servers may funnel all its memory resources to Color Factory while other virtual machine on the host will suffer from a memory shortage.
Hence, we recommend disabling memory defragmentation when running Color Factory in virtual environments.

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