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Configuring file transfers to or from a FotoWeb server

Connect can use a search in a FotoWeb archive as input for a channel. This is done in much the same way as setting up a regular local or network server. Connect can also deliver files to the FotoWeb upload module as a destination.

Creating a FotoWeb server connection

To configure the basic parameters for the FotoWeb server, open the Connect Settings app and go to Servers/Default. Select Add server to set up a new FotoWeb server connection. On the General tab, you must specify the following settings for the server before you can add archive searches to it.

Name: Enter a short, descriptive name for the server

Description: You can add a longer server description here.

Protocol: Select FotoWeb from the drop-down list.

Host Name: Enter the hostname of the FotoWeb server.

Authentication: Enter the username and password required to log on to the FotoWeb server. These user credentials manage which archives you are allowed to access when adding a search input to the server. It also affects how FotoWeb handles the storage of files that are uploaded from Connect.

Protocol settings: By default, the Archive Agent communication with FotoWeb runs on port 80 using an unsecured HTTP connection.  However, you can also choose to use a secure, encrypted connection (SSL), in which case you simply tick that option here. Secure communications use port 443.

Test connection: Having configured all of the above settings, clicking on this button will attempt to connect to the FotoWeb server and verify the user credentials.

What's next?

Next, you need to choose between using a FotoWeb archive search as a source from which files will be downloaded, or as a destination for sending files to.

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