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Configuring a FotoWeb archive search as a source

Having configured the basic FotoWeb server settings, you can now add sources to your FotoWeb server. A source is based on a search in a FotoWeb archive, while configuring a destination for the FotoWeb server will make Connect deliver the files to FotoWeb's upload module.

FotoWeb archive search as source.jpg

Name: Type a name for the FotoWeb search here.

Description: A more thorough description for the archive search can be entered here.

Type: A FotoWeb archive search can only be used as a source. If you want Connect to upload files to FotoWeb, choose Destination. The files will then be delivered to FotoWeb's upload module and stored according to FotoWeb's site settings.

Archive ID: The drop-down list here will let you choose which archive the search should be performed in. The list is extracted from the FotoWeb server after the connection has been verified.

Search: Type or paste in the search string in this field. You can use parentheses and dynamic operators just as you would with an advanced Index Manager search.


Enable virus scanning: Enable this option to automatically check all incoming files for viruses. Infected files can be deleted, quarantined or ignored and logged. The actual virus scanner settings are configured on the Service Options tab.


Scheduling can also be configured to control when Connect transfers files from the FotoWeb archive. Learn more about configuring scheduling.

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