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Documentation & User Guides | FotoWare

Deploying a FotoWare instance on Amazon Web Services

Access the Amazon Marketplace and search for FotoWare in the search bar at the top of the screen.

Then click on the Continue button to start the launch process of the instance.

Now you can select the region where the image should be deployed and the instance type. The choice of instance type and region will affect the hourly rate invoiced by Amazon for running the instance.

Security group settings

In the choice of security group further down on this page, make sure Create new based on seller settings is selected. This will ensure that all required ports to access the system are open and available.

Creating a key pair and launching the instance

Before you can proceed to deploy the instance, you need to create a key pair. This is necessary to obtain the username and password required to connect to the server console via Remote Desktop. While this is not required to use or configure the FotoWeb instance, where all configuration is made through the web interface by accessing the server's IP address or DNS name, it will be required if you wish to configure additional services on the Windows server.

To create the key pair, follow the link to the Amazon EC2 Console and create it. Make sure you safeguard the .pem file that is generated when creating the key pair.

After creating the key pair, return to the deployment page and refresh it. The created key pair will now be selected by default.

Now, click on Accept Software Terms and Launch with 1-Click to initiate deployment of the instance. A final success page is shown, and the instance will start building. You can now follow the link to the AWS Management Console to view the deployment progress under the Instances node.

When the instance has been completely built, you can connect to it.