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Connecting to the FotoWeb instance on AWS and configuring it for use

After deployment on the Amazon Marketplace, connect to the server to configure its base properties:

Using a web browser, go to the server's public IP address. You can find the public IP address in the instance's properties on the Amazon Marketplace after deployment.

A welcome screen will be shown and allow you to configure some of the server's general settings before you can start using it.

Note: if you try to open a Windows Remote Desktop session to the server, a web browser will open and direct you to the server's welcome page as described above. That's because these initial settings must be stored before you can start using the server.

Setting host name

First, set a host name for the instance. By default, the server's IP address will be shown here, but if you have already registered a fully qualified domain name for the instance in the Amazon DNS, you can enter it here to configure the server to respond to that host name.

User credentials

Next, enter your name and email address.

Then enter a username and password for the user account that should be created on the server. Note the following about this account:

  • The account credentials are used to create a Windows user account with administrative privileges. It should have a strong password.
  • As a member of the Administrators group on the machine this user can also connect using an FTP client to upload assets.
  • The account can be used to connect to the instance via Windows Remote Desktop and perform administrative tasks, so it must have a complex password.
  • The user is given access to configure the FotoWare DAM system using the FotoWare Operations Center, available by accessing the site host name via TLS.
  • The user account is also added to the FotoWeb accounts list (as a Plus user) and can be used to log on to FotoWeb and view the content in the DAM system.

Choice of license

Finally, choose the type of license you would like to activate on the server.

If you're moving an existing FotoWare installation to the cloud, you can choose I have a license and paste in the server software license keys that you would like to activate. If you have several keys, they can be added to the list one by one, or you can copy and paste them into the first field. If you do not have them handy, you can choose a trial license and register your own licenses on the server later.

To start a free 30-day trial of all server software, choose that option and click Submit.

The welcome wizard will start processing your options and prepare the server for use. This may take a few minutes. A success page will be shown when this process is complete, and by clicking on the Start link you will be taken to the FotoWeb Home Page where you can see the server's default public archive and log in.