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How to configure the FotoWare DAM instance on AWS

When the server has been created, all the FotoWare services on it can be configured by accessing the FotoWare Operations Center through a web browser.

Simply go to https://<ip address or hostname>:7001

When accessing the Operations Center you will be asked to authenticate - use the credentials you specified in the Welcome wizard when the instance was first configured.
Learn more about how the Operations Center works.

Tip: You can create additional accounts that have access to configure the server - this is done by connecting to the server console via RDP and adding users to the FotoWare Administrators group in the Users and Groups control panel in Windows.
Learn more about controlling access to the Operations Center.

Which FotoWare services need changing?

After deployment the FotoWare DAM instance runs FotoWeb and Index Manager. We recommend reading up on how the FotoWare system works to learn how you can make changes to either of these appications' configuration to build a DAM system that works exactly the way you want it to.
These guies are a good place to start:

Configuring the Windows server

The Windows server console (desktop) can be accessed by opening a Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to the server. This way, it is possible to configure/install additional software on the server itself.